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Debra Williams
9 hours ago

I had a fluid Hydro dermabrasion treatment and dermaplaning done by Maryam at Avisina Wellness Center. I am surprised and thrilled by my results. Not only does my face look and feel cleaner, my pores shrunk, fine lines disappeared, the puffiness around my eyes went away, and best of all the heaviness around my jaw and throat area became lifted and tighter. This gave me back a more defined chin and sculpted jawline. It looked like I must have had a mini facelift to reduce the puffiness around my jaw and throat. I feel healthier and look better. Also, I asked Maryam for suggestions for my at home care regiment. After a full skin assessment, she recommended some of their medical grade skin care products for me to use at home. I have to say that after 2 weeks of using these products, my skin is transforming and years of damage are coming off of my face. My skin texture is tighter, smoother, more radiant, and my pores are becoming less visible. I couldn’t believe the results! Thank you Maryam for delivering more than I ever thought possible!

Catherine Hubbell
4 days ago

Dr. Sokhandan saved my life. Back in January I developed "Bells Palsy" at 38 year old. I luckily was placed in the care of Dr. Sokhandan. With 12 facial acupuncture sessions I gained back function of my face on session 3. For anyone is familiar with " Bells Palsy" its very painful. I lost all function of the right side of my face. Painful to eat, drink, smile, laugh and even blink. My first session I cried the whole 2 hours scared I would remain like that and Dr. Sokhandan peacefully and calmly reminded me I was SAFE and he confidently told me I would recover and this will stressful time will pass. With my 12 sessions I'm very proud to say awful 'Bells Palsy" is now behind me thanks to Dr. Sokhandan expertise, knowledge, patience and love. I highly recommend Dr. Sokhandan as a primary Dr. He is now helping me with other health issues and I'm just so thankful to be his patient. Dr. Sokhandan is a very special human and has a drive to help and cure .

Olga Holte
3 weeks ago

Maryam and Dr. Said Sokhandan are both wonderful people and excellent professionals. I know that when I go to them, they will have wonderful work done and they have helped me to fell good and keep my face looking great. Maryam is a very skilled paramedical esthetician who takes her time and is super gentle. I left feeling relaxed and invigorated at the same time. I loved my facial and their skincare product is amazing. I use Chamomile cleanser, Marine Moister Creme, and C-Stem Serum for one week only and already I see a huge improvements of my skin. I am so happy with their work, I will definitely be recommending this wellness center to friends and family!

Ari Taleghan
a month ago

In addition to his extensive knowledge, Dr. Sokhandan is extremely fast in diagnosing the problem. His sincerity, genuineness, and directness make him an excellent choice. My highest recommendation goes out to him.

Cate Williams
2 months ago

I consider myself extremely lucky to have Dr. Sokhandan as my provider! Finally someone who wasn’t overwhelmed with my extensive list of medication and complex medical problems. He spent a lot of time in answering every question I had. He addressed my concerns with diet, chronic pain, Hormones, and gaining back my strength. He said he’d “get me sorted out” and he did! He switched some of my supplements, did some acupuncture, an incredible thing called cupping, and a couple of homeopathic injections. Since seeing him I’ve had more energy, better sleep, improved range of motion, I’ve lost weight, and I have less pain!