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Acne (Acne Vulgaris) is a Skin ailment in which the Sebaceous Glands become inflamed.  Acne generally begins to manifest during adolescence and is caused by overactivity of the Sebaceous Glands.  The Sebum produced by the glands cannot escape because the Hair Follicles become blocked by Keratin.  The Keratin blockage becomes black, forming Blackheads. 85% of the population aged between 12 and 25 are affected by Acne, The most commonly afflicted group is pubescent boys. The second most commonly afflicted group is women aged 20 – 40.

Substances may Cause/Exacerbate Acne
 Excessive consumption of dietary Fats may cause Acne
Excessive consumption of Trans-Fatty Acids
 Excessive production of endogenous Adrenocorticotropic Hormone (ACTH) may cause Acne
 Excessive Lithium levels may cause Acne
Pharmaceutical Drugs that may cause Acne (Anabolic-Androgenic Steroids, , Barbiturates , Dilantin, Cyclosporine)

Ailments may Cause Acne
 Insufficient production of Hydrochloric Acid may be the underlying cause of some cases of Acne
 Mature age Acne may occur as a result of malfunctions of the Liver
– Intestinal Permeability
 may be the underlying cause of some cases of Acne
 Acne may occur as a result of Seborrhea
– Acne may occur as a result of the Pre-Menstrual Syndrome (PMS)

Substances that may Alleviate or Prevent Acne
– Progesterone
 cream applied topically may alleviate many cases of Acne in adult women
– Estriol cream applied topically may alleviate premenstrual Acne
– Alpha-Hyroxy Acid
 (applied topically) may alleviate Acne
– Glycolic Acid (applied topically) may alleviate Acne
– Nobiletin (applied topically) may alleviate Acne
– Retinol (applied topically) may alleviate Acne
– Vitamin B3 gel that contain Nicinamide form applied topically twice per day may alleviate Acne
– Alpha-Linolenic Acid (LNA)
– Gamma-Linolenic Acid
– Brewers Yeast
– Omega 3
– Flax seed oil
– Selenium
– Chromium
– potassium
– Lipoic Acid
– Folic Acid
– Vitamin B2
– Vitamin B5
– Vitamin B6
– Vitamin A
– Vitamin D3
– Vitamin E
– Vitamin C
– Zinc Picolinate
– Ultra Violet 
– Detoxification